Paintings beautify the dimensions of human efforts, emotions of pain and pleasure, eternal yearnings of love in colored manifestations.

Since faith itself could not be expressed through images, piety found a visual path through paintings. Every picture offers to tell a story. With elegant strokes, thousands of leaves, cypresses, curly wisping clouds, wide eyes and blithe curves of prince and princess; kings and their lieutenants on horses and war elephants; brick walls and never ending wall ornamentation blend harmoniously with the delicately-chinned tens and thousands of faces in an imitation of one another. It did not matter if the face was of the sultan, a child's or warriors'. The focus remained on approaching its exalted beauty that guided the brushes from memory, acquired after years of thought, contemplation and reflection.

When the eyes get fatigued from reading love crazed tales of Laila-Majnu or the heroics and anguishes of Alexander the Great, the miniature illustrations serves as music to the sight and silences the thought which our intellect and imagination fails to conjure in a text.


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