Enriching fabrics with the use of precious stones and metals is well established within the Islamic culture. Metallic embellishment on fabrics or Zardozi, echoed variously on the costumes of the court, scabbards, palace walls and the rich trappings of the armoury.

Handcrafted with fine silk and zari (silver thread coated with pure gold) and studded with precious stones, a bejewelled carpet is one such marvel which combines the softness and sheen of a velvet base with the awesome beauty, and mystique of oriental gems.

An air of mystery surrounds the bejewelled carpet. The opaque green malachite; the intense dark azure of lapis lazuli; the translucent reddish orange of carnelian; and the turquoise are the many gems that are believed to cure illness and ward off threats. It works as a talisman for the bearer and its numinous appeal holds everyone in awe and admiration.


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