According to a prophetic tradition God has ordained perfection in all forms. Thus art must endow all objects with perfection according to its own nature.

Transcending geographical barriers and historical moorings, Islamic art and culture embraces a diversity which reflects the spirit of its time. It harmonises a legacy that spans across one fifth of the world's populace; from Spain and Morocco to India and Indonesia. In a celebration of human quest for perfection and beauty, the legacy was nourished by the fluid hands of nobility that sought to dazzle the world with its opulent style and fine taste.

We have been concomitant to the cause of nurturing and preserving a legacy where gold and silver are muted to dazzling surface; where floral delights are etched graciously in pietre dure; where tales from epics mimic a visual drama on the weave; where divine thoughts are copiously embossed on stone, unveiling a fascinating legacy of thirteen centuries of the Islamic culture's most endearing creations. In a world of changing values, MIRAJ Islamic Art Centre, remains a flag-bearer of Islamic heritage.


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